SchoolBeats distance video music program extended through 20-21 year

        SchoolBeats teaching resource for music classrooms

Albuquerque, NM., June 19, 2020 /PR News/  — Sessions Academy today announced that it will continue its SchoolBeats distance platform membership for non-profit music classrooms through the 2020-21 school year. SchoolBeats covers many popular mid and high school methods including Essential Elements in over 21 band and orchestra instruments. Voice, guitar, piano, ukulele and music theory are also covered.

Sessions is an online music learning resource for schools nation-wide that creates video and live workshop lessons for students. SchoolBeats members receive a customized resource page for quick access to instrument videos and music training workshops. SchoolBeats has a teacher version and a pro version for student access at home.

Schools can apply to the SchoolBeats program below


More Information – SchoolBeats


Sessions Academy – (800) 894-7033

Sessions Director is Jim Gross

February 2, 2021
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