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The Sessions Project infuses music and humor into the workplace. We entertain and teach employees communication skills to help them succeed at work. Many companies lack the levity and laughter that business culture requires. Everything we do can be folded into virtual company workshops. We offer coupons for our warm-up support service for company meetings. Sessions business communication and humor workshops teach employees new skills for success at work and home. Our online music classes build culture.
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The Sessions Project starts at the corporate level with its warmup support for your company meetings. Open meetings with a short, entertaining quick start combining business humor, music, fun question and answer topics. Opening acts are used for virtually any meeting or convention. In person opening acts are also available for parties and award ceremonies.
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Training teams to use music and humor at work is our primary mission. Employees learn creative appropriate business communication. Companies benefit from after-work classes that build culture. We have structured ukulele and guitar classes, fun Beatles trivia music classes and business comedy workshops. Classes are designed for fun, laughter and building culture.
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Imagine using forward-thinking communication techniques in all your business transactions - from culture to customer contact. Use humor and music to create marketing success. Add video, webcasts and podcasts to build your community messaging. We assist companies in building employee and customer testimonial videos for a powerful presentation.
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Why use business humor?

Why use an entertainment company to build your culture? Virtually, all your employees gain by learning new communication skills to use at the workplace. Managers gain new tools to engage and empower teams. 88% of people are looking for new activities to help them be happier. We teach appropriate humor and communication methods that will help your teams to become happier and more effective at work. Try us out today.

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