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Music Classrooms For Schools!

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Online music classrooms are available exclusively for non-profit school educators to use at no cost to meet and coach music or drama group classes. Use the form below to request a private music classroom to try.


Test Your Room

Set up a quick run thru in our video conferencing center. Whiteboards, screen sharing and Power Point/PDF files are some of the rich features. You need stable internet and webcam on your computer.


Invite Your Class

Give your group class the password and they can join you online in our music conference center. Designed for teachers to collaborate with mid – high school music and drama students on mobile or computer.

Use this form to request access to our music conferencing center to test out one of our online music classrooms. We will text you a password to use in the test button above. We can customize a video conference room for your fine arts department. Our virtual music classrooms are free for non-profit schools.

Reach out with any questions - 800-894-7033

Please note that these rooms are available strictly for non-profit educational music groups to use. We are a private self-funded New Mexico start-up music education program. We have budgeted our video conferencing costs for mid-high school music and drama school groups. Please note conference rooms may not be used for private, individual lessons or for profit or paid lessons. Teacher agrees to be present in online conferences taking place with their students. Conference rooms are recorded for safety monitoring. Teachers and participants agree to our terms and conditions. This free conference room offer may be discontinued at any time with notice to participating schools.

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