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The Sessions Academy mission creates future generations of musicians using the Sessions Method consisting of group, private and recorded music lessons.
Group lessons create opportunities to learn about the business and art form.
Private lessons deliver the individualized classically-based training required in most academic environments.
Recorded lessons offer repetition and the ability to learn at your own pace with on-demand lessons streaming on your phone or PC.
Our primary commitment is to make music appreciation accessible and affordable for all students, and to communicate that promise to school districts within the US. We work within schools to distribute music appreciation and we deliver online music lessons to students. Our commitment extends effort to secure scholarships and grants from organizations interested in supporting future generations of musicians.
Many cities struggle with extremely high school drop out rates. Research tells us that music and sports high school programs can motivate at-risk students to stay in school. We are looking for low cost membership scholarships of $29.95/month or private on-line lesson scholarships that we can give to at-risk students that would like to take music through our system. Please contact us if you would like to help!

Jim Gross is founder and Director of Sessions Academy. Jim founded Sessions Academy in 2018 after founding Carousel of Music, a performance company in New Mexico which ran 27 years. Jim has an extensive 35 year music career involving teaching, performance and recording. Jim’s vision of an online music academy and free music appreciation for schools is the driving force behind Sessions Academy and MusicMoment.

DeAnna Vincent is Program Manager. As such, DeAnna is the brain-child behind making our lessons look great for students. DeAnna has a broad background in photography, web design, product development and is a truly gifted project manager. She will be the lead in our lesson development and MusicMoment program.

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