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$7.99 per month
An affordable membership giving access to our entire video instrument library in 21 instruments. EE Book 1 for strings and band as well as Essential Musicianship book 1 plus other methods including Uke, piano, guitar and bass are included.

Teacher Membership

$9.99 per month
Teachers share our entire video lesson library with their students. We support 21 instruments to use in class or online, with Essential Elements band and strings video lessons plus voice, guitar, keyboard, ukulele and music theory!

Classroom Membership

$10 per year per student
Add student home access with a SchoolBeats membership for up to 250 of your band, orchestra and choir students. Scholarships are available for qualified schools we distribute EE books to.

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Private Lessons in 21 Instruments

Private online lessons for students grade 5-12
Our programs build on one another to help students develop their playing skill at school and home. Our training videos reinforce lessons that many schools are teaching. Our 21 local private instructors are full-time music instructors that understand students and can teach any method through online private lessons. These can be booked through a membership or by visiting the Instructors Menu tab and choosing a private instructor. Students get customized curriculum, feedback, tutoring, help with auditions and All State, join workshops, order music, instruments and add private online lessons.

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    This free membership immediately puts SchoolBeats in your hands, so you can access and use our 1,500 videos with your Essential Elements orchestra, band and choir students. 21 instruments! Here are a few samples:




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