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Tools include memberships that cover many National Core Arts Standards. Students relate well to these creative music sites!
Exclusive memberships include and Musescore. Schools receive a log in and training to use in your class.
Group workshops are included as well as our entire video library and music bundles.

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Live and prerecorded online lessons for your class


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Music lesson videos - handpicked for your class

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Learn to play instruments with over 500 short lesson videos

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School Sponsor teachers may use workshop rooms to stream live lessons, play prerecorded workshops and video lessons from our library. These are for your use with students at school. Our platform requires active internet access and the ability to show online content to your class with a screen and speakers. We are not responsible for content that is unable to be shown or recorded. Live workshops are recorded. Links to music websites are provided as music resources, however we are not affiliated with them and you agree to use sites at your own risk. You agree to our site terms and conditions and privacy policy.




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Instruments taught at Sessions Academy

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Need a music webinar room for your class? Available monthly, semester or the entire school year

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