EEi Interactive | Student Training

Essential Elements Interactive - Student EEi Training

This free 7 minute video training was created specifically to help students learn their way around Essential Elements Interactive. Upon completion, students will be able to:


1. Create user account on EEi

2. Receive and submit assignments

3. Receive grades and interactive feedback from their teachers

4. Practice lessons from the Essential Elements Band or Strings books with the metronome or backing tracks provided in EEi

Learn to play in school band and orchestra

Video 1 – Enrollment (2:46)

Video 2 – Completing and submitting assignments (4:45)

Thank you for taking this training. Sessions Academy includes many of the band and strings lessons professionally made on video from Essential Elements book 1 to help supplement the EEi experience. These lessons along with others are available through various school or student memberships on our site. We also offer private online instruction in over 21 instruments. Please let us know if you have any feedback to help us in developing future versions of these training videos.
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