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A discussion about starting an Essential Elements school music program

It’s no secret that coordinating the many students, instruments, competitions and concerts in most school music departments can be a chore for even the most talented instructor.


While there are several band and strings methods out there, they are all missing one thing if they are not Essential Elements – EEi!


After Covid took the collective breath away from most schools, planning resumes for next year because kids love music! Teachers and parents want to give kids what they love, especially if it feeds the soul like music does.


While music is in-person students and teachers have learned to benefit from countless online music training programs that have popped up. Essential Elements is the most coordinated program out there, including all band, strings, voice, guitar, piano and about any instrument a school music department can want.


Coordination between music books and online assignments is yet another level which is built into the EEi engine.


EEi band and strings at Sessions AcademyMusic departments are learning about the diverse selection within the Hal Leonard music library. Essential Elements for Jazz has written books for almost all band instruments in addition to several repertoire with jazz standards compiled for school bands. Essential Musicianship has become the standard for 1,000’s of choir departments from 5-12th grades.


Essential Elements Books at Sessions AcademySessions quickly sized up the competition and saw the amazing potential to be able to help schools use Essential Elements Interactive with their music students that have EE Band and Strings books. We wrote an entire certification program around EEi which is free for teachers and students to quickly master EEi.


Teachers please use the link below to register for the course. Once registered you will be directed to the teacher course. Students can go directly to their videos without any registration or login. Watch at your convenience. Here are a few of the features included in the action packed Essential Elements Interactive platform:


  • Enhanced Play-along Tracks

  • Cloud-based Recording Studio

  • Ability for teachers to assign, organize, and grade recordings

  • Ever-Expanding Resources

  • Track Student Progress

  • and much more

Learn to play in school band and orchestra
Not familiar with EEi? Learn more with this warm up video
July 6, 2021
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