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Classic MusicMoment Videos for Elementary Grades

MusicMoment creates music appreciation lessons that are free to non-profit schools to use.
Videos create interest and facilitate appreciation at school for music in all it’s many forms. Music Moments are daily sponge activities created to keep music in front of 1st-6th graders for 5 minutes each day! These are progressive music building blocks for school-based use.
Many schools lack funding for a music or band program, especially in elementary grades. That’s where we come in. MusicMoment provides short, video based lessons in music appreciation tying them into other core subjects like math and science. Due to our generous partners, we are able to produce and deliver these lessons online to educators at no charge! In keeping with fair-standards usage laws we restrict these to non-profit schools exclusively online.

How Music Affects Us

Music For Studying

Using Music To Deal With Stress

Music Without Limitations

Exploring Different Kinds Of Music

How Musical Instruments Are Classified

Music Moment Modules are produced by Sessions Academy, strictly adhering to fair use standards and transformational usage. They are available exclusively on this site at no charge to non-profit educational facilities. Please contact us with questions about using these in your classroom at 1-800-894-7033.

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