Sessions Academy Virtual Classrooms

Sessions Academy has 3 ways to take music lessons: 1. Nightly live virtual streaming group classrooms; 2. Prerecorded video lessons; 3. Private lessons with music instructors online.
Sessions has been hard at work designing a user-friendly site that will become the focus of the Academy for students of all ages wanting to take music lessons.
Learning music is much more involved than a weekly private lesson with student and instructor. For many it’s a way of life. Our Academy makes a musical way of life possible for students, regardless of their budgets, through our low-cost virtual group classrooms. These six rooms are set up much like a traditional school with different topics being offered weekly in each room.
Sessions virtual classrooms provide live group lessons taught with video conferencing so you need a smart phone or laptop with access to the Internet. Below are a list of our 6 rotating classrooms. Each night we will have a different class in one of our rooms. Schedules are posted a week in advance.

Virtual Classrooms

  • Band Room – Learn instruments through live group online lessons rotating instruments nightly.
  • Auditorium – Enjoy interactive music concerts streaming from our Auditorium.
  • Studio – Get inspired with Sessions guest talks on various music topics.
  • Library – Any music academy teaches reading and theory. We make it easier in our library!
  • Singer’s Lounge – Singers need chops too. Get vocal ideas for everything from choir to rock bands!
  • Theater – Acting lessons, drama instruction, comedy lessons and even a bit of magic!
Classrooms are available to our student members. They are staffed weekly by our instructors and guest speakers. We have access to many professional musicians with expertise ranging from teaching various instruments, to studio performance and recording engineers.

How We Teach At Sessions Academy

  1. Virtual classrooms give access to group lessons using video conferencing technology.
  2. Prerecorded lessons in many instruments are being added daily. Refer to them as often as you like.
  3. Private lessons are always available from the comfort of your home using video conferencing.
  4. Guest teachers will make lesson series available outside of our membership.
  5. Three membership levels: Student, Student Plus or Pro Lessons.

Available Academy Memberships

Student Plus Members access our virtual classrooms plus prerecorded lessons
Student Pro Members receive virtual classrooms, prerecorded lessons plus (2) 30 minute private lessons per month with a Sessions Academy instructor
October 16, 2020
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