A New Innovative Way to Teach Music

Sessions Academy has developed online group classrooms staffed by professional musicians giving creative workshops on different musical topics.

Sessions has developed a new innovative style for teaching students about all aspects of music. We call it Music Conferencing.

In pioneering a 3 tiered music instruction system, we wanted a live group component. It had to be interactive and allow students to conference in on their phone or PC. Most importantly it had to include topics you don’t get in a lesson that are out-of-the-box fun!
We wanted a venue where instructors can have fun teaching students all their musical tricks! After all most of our students are teens and are online, so let’s give them a disciplined, secure site where they can get all kinds of music resources from the pros.
We structured group online classrooms to resemble a traditional school room. Six action-packed webinar rooms are available to student membership holders. They include our Band room, Auditorium, Studio, Library, Singers Lounge and Theater.

Virtual Classrooms

  • Band Room – Instructors teach all instruments on a rotating schedule in this group webinar room. Includes orchestra, piano, guitar, bass, ukulele and drums.
  • Auditorium – Our instructors give interactive concerts here stopping to show you some of their tools and music magic!
  • Studio – Workshop style talks about a great many music topics to ponder.
  • Library – We try to make theory and reading fun and easy to learn in this room.
  • Singer’s Lounge – Learn everything vocal from choir to bands. Learn gospel, rock and many tips from our professional performers.
  • Theater – Acting and drama is often  synonymous with music, especially in school. We also add a bit of comedy.
Our teachers spend time each week in our group classroom areas helping members develop a wide-angle approach to music. We teach any many topics you just don’t get in a typical music lesson. Workshops include recording, making money as a musician, the music business, pedals, tube amps and different sound combinations, to name a few.
Students may jump from room to room depending on what music workshop they are interested in. Class times are listed on our site for members typically a week in advance. Our music conferencing network is student password protected and available for students that would like to view classes. They work on mobile, PC and tablet.
These group workshop lessons are designed to complement video on demand and private instruction. It gives students a place to come to online to network in a safe learning environment led by instructors nightly.
Music is our way of life at Sessions Academy. We know that it is also life-giving for many students that rely heavily on music interaction for their day-to-day motivation. We hope these 6 group rooms give the right-brained music interaction that will make students want to enjoy and play music for life.



Available Academy Memberships

Student Plus Membership – get online group classrooms plus video on demand lessons
Pro Lesson Members – student plus services and (2) 30 minute private lessons per month with a Sessions Academy instructor.
October 30, 2019
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